Why Content Writing is Important to Your Business

Content has become a principal part of our existence, and as humans, we crave different kinds of content, whether it is in the form of text, pictures, motion graphics, or video. Nowadays, our daily routine is championed by the type of content we hope to get. For instance, if we feel depressed, sad, happy, or angry, we all have a go-to content-driven “drug”. For some, its music. For others, its comedy. And, there are people whose go-to drug can either be movies, inspirational videos, text messages, or a combination of all.

Aside from dealing with emotions, content help individuals and companies pass information, give their idea the voice it needs, and more. Continue to read this guide to find out more about the role content writing plays in building a business.

Content Writing and Your Brand

As a business owner or service provider, what differentiates you from other businesses is your brand. As a result, you need to build a strong brand if you want to build trust, which can lead to more sales. It does not matter the industry you are in or the one you plan to join, you need to have a strong brand. Hence, the first thing you need to focus on is branding.

But, you need to note that branding goes beyond creating a stunning logo, writing a catchy tagline or even building a beautiful website. It is an avenue to tell your story, which will help you connect with your potential customers. Also, your customers should be able to attach your brand to an aspect of their lives. That way, they trust you enough to buy from you.

So, how do you tell your story? Easy — you write. It does not matter how you want to tell your story, whether it is through text, images, videos or motion graphics, you need to write. In context, your videos need scripts, images and motion graphics need written words, and for obvious reasons, there’s no need to mention text. As a result, content writing plays a pivotal role in your branding process. It is now a question of how you want to write the content rather than if you need to write one.

Keep Your Customers Engaged and Wanting More

Congratulations! You can drive thousands or even millions of traffic to your site thanks to your marketing genius, but a large number keep leaving immediately! Why? You may ask — it’s not you, there is simply nothing to keep them engaged. According to a study by Microsoft, the average attention span of humans is 8 seconds. This means that you have to capture your readers’ attention within that limited time. To do this, you need to always provide engaging, informative and exciting content on your site, social media accounts, newsletter, and the like.

“[What information consumes is] the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention” — Herbert Simon, Nobel winner, Economics (1978).

The drastic drop in people’s attention span is mainly attributed to the massive collection of information available. In that case, you need to provide unique content to your readers that makes them want more. However, it is recommended that you don’t spend all your time writing articles and coming up with creative content. You should simply hire professional content writers. It is a small price to pay for your time, which you can spend focusing on marketing and other essential parts of the business.

Rank Higher, Sell More

If you run an e-commerce or other kinds of website, one of your goals should be to rank higher on search engines. This is to ensure that your potential customers can reach you without having to scroll through too many search results. For instance, if you sell clothes, you want your site to be visible to anybody that for clothes. In that case, it should be among the first three results they see.

As it stands, your focus should be ranking higher on Google because it is currently the most used search engine in the world. However, ranking higher on Google is not as easy as it seems because of its advanced algorithm, but it is not impossible. You simply need to ensure that your website has top-quality content with related keywords naturally placed in the texts. That way, the content does not seem mechanical to readers, and you get to rank higher.


Content writing is one of the fundamental things you need to put into consideration as you build your business. With it, you can keep your customers engaged, and in the long run, they will be familiar with your brand. Hence, focusing on producing engaging content is pivotal to the growth of your brand. However, you should not try to do it all by yourself. As a result, hiring expert content writers and creators should be considered.

-By Paul Udor (Content Writer and Project Lead Hustle Writers)

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