You’re All That Will Be.

Source of peace, dearer to the sight than glittering pearls,
Source of joy, sweeter to the soul than dripping honey
Source of love, prettier to the heart than smiling fairies.
Source of wealth, stinkier to the minds
Than early spring.

Eyes that look out for you, see you not,
But the minds as a dove, so pure and white– have seen Your beautiful face.
Fleshes that rot on alters reach you not,
But the soul as light as kite flows towards you– unhindered.

Owner of the east, south, north and the west,
Swerve of the waves through troughs and crests,
Listener to the countless silent calls
The Loved and Beloved; besought of all.

Lovers wine together to say sweets in words,
But this lover of You has wined, to spill gardens of roses–
Whites of peace, pinks of excellence, reds of love and blues of vastness.

You’re worthier of praises as counts more than the grains of the earth,
You’re worthier of glory as resplends brighter than the morning sun,
You’re worthier of love as charming better than the wolf and the moon,
You’re worthier far beyond words than man’s heart ever heard–
For you spoke the world into being,
Even man and all he has.
You’re all that was,
You’re all that is,
You’re all that will be.

© Aboo-marjaan.

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