Upon The Soul That Withers Away.

Upon the soul that withers away
like the waning sight of the shy rainbow over the sky,
Let hues that glitter and glue sprawl upon you.

Upon the soul that withers away
like a wilting rose– dying of negligence,
Let sparkling waters fall from the skies,
upon your drying tender skin.

Upon the soul that withers away
like the magic of the twinkling stars–
Fainting away into the dawn,
Let the breath of life be heaved into you that you may live again.

Upon the soul (of you beloved) that withers away so,
Dying in the pains of the longing for my beautiful face,
I’ve come in various hues of rose,
I’ll paint your dreams colourful.
I’ve come with the charms of dahlias,
I’ll enspell your essence and being.
I’ve come with the breath of sandalwood,
I’ll scent me around you.

I’ll be the breath you breathe and the life you live.
I’ll be the sight you see and your all-time dreams.
I’ll be all about you and all around you–
So you wither not again–
Neither in summer nor in spring,
Neither in fall nor in winter,
For you are a flower of all seasons–
The last of your kind.

© Aboo-marjaan.

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