The devil that rules you.

The devil that rules you.

You sink (at night when stars peek through the dark just to pick you up) deep beneath the baseless depth–

Some places inside of you;

-dark, bitter, and horror-filled,

-awe-inspiring to the swollen eyelids of the pity-fulls who have wept several days alone in silence.

And yet, that devil inside of you,

(He that rises your sun when he likes and sets it when he deems fit.

And sometimes you may never smile for your devil doesn’t see the bud in you that clamours to blossom)

He beckons on you again– and as usual,

You are there like flash, with fretty feet, heart tearing apart as it always does,

Now you’re asked to eat your own courage up– a sumptuous delicacy placed before you in a golden dish of choicelessness.

You swallow so hard and loud the deaf can hear,

And your soul loses its light once more.

Now you find the cutlery between your fingers;

One morsel, two, three, four and all,

Alas! You pooped all you ate.

This devil would tomorrow bring you a goblet of wine– brewed of your own peace and self-love,

You’ll be forced to gulp to the last drop and pee all out to the anguish of your own loo.

And overmorrow, your own smile, barbequed–

You relish every bit of it and night reigns in your world even when farmers’ hays are up in their fields.

Now the devil is back again– holding his wrathful hands out at you,

You throw yourself into its arms like broken straws surrender to the wings of winds for flights they don’t want to fly.

–now these stars that peek down, that seek you, that need you,

You stab them in the eyes shooting arrows of grief at your own sky where they dwell–

The devil now seeks your heart,

You tattoo your heart with hate; you see nothing but those dark veils over your heart,

You thrust through the veil and deep within,

And your body goes cold…

Your devil smiles now–

But the cosmos weeps,

See, you made the multiverse lose gazillion rays now that your soul plagues even the sun’s smile,

Happy now?

© Aboo-marjaan

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