Meet MC/Comedian Big Johnny

Moments become memorable because of little things done right. When someone with the gift of bringing smiles to our faces shows, every moment with them counts. Today, we interview a comedian, a certified wedding MC that has brought smiles to the faces of many people. You may know him or probably heard his name before.

Big Johnny

Here is the excerpt from our interview with him.

Q1: Hello, can you please introduce yourself?

I am Ojiebun John Taiwo, a professional Events Host, Stand-up comedian & the CEO of HOT Events NG. I’m a Graduate of Mass Communication from The Polytechnic Ibadan and the University of Ilorin. My parents hail from Edo state state but I lived all my life in Ibadan.

Q2: How long have you been into stand-up comedy?

A little above 3 years too, started comedy a little after I started hosting events.

Q3: What would you say drew you into comedy?

I’ve always loved comedy since when I was growing up, I watched almost all the episodes of Night of a Thousand Laughs but I still never thought I’d become one. The first day I handled a microphone in front of a large crowd, I realised I was already a comedian and I had no idea.

Q4: We are aware that you are a Master of Ceremony, especially for Weddings. What made you venture into this?

In my own case, I didn’t venture into emceeing actually, it ventured into me. My strength is being conversational, so when I started stand-up comedy, people were always like this guy would make a good wedding MC, that was how I started o and we are here today. 

Q5: What is your brand name, and how long have you been in business?

Okay, I’m tall and with extra flesh on my body, so I got the name Bigjohny so when I started comedy, I added Talkative, hence, Bigjohny Da Talkative. I’ve been in business for a little above 3 years now.

Q6: What was your first comedy and wedding program?

I first hosted a wedding in March 2015, and I still laugh at the pictures from the wedding each time I get to see it. I really can’t remember the first time I did stand up comedy but it’s definitely 2015 too.

Q7: Give or take, how many comedy and wedding programs have you performed?

I’ve hosted nothing less than 70 weddings but for the stand-up comedy, I really can’t count o. You know Nigerians na once you sit down at an event, you’d just hear ‘Bigjohny just walked in and I’m sure he’d make us laugh before he leaves.

Q8: You have been nicknamed Baba Ibeji, based on the video skits you released in the past. How do you get your inspiration for these skits?

When I do stand-up comedy, I do more of parents jokes which are always inspired by my mom and dad. Then I was like, why not convert a few of these jokes to skits, then I started it.

Q9: Can you say you find comedy and MC as a fulfilling career?

LOL, to me, comedy is a gift and it’s just a fragment of what I want from life. Though for now, It helps me impact people and gives me a louder voice. Doing all these make me fulfilled, so yes.

Q10: We are aware of your annual program, CLAP, what inspired you to start this program?

While I was growing up, my friends and I always have issues with what to do when we are home for the holidays, we’ve tried to fix some things over the time, but when I started comedy, it was easier since I met people who could help me out. That was more of what inspired when I started but now, the success of the last one always inspires the next.

Q11: Which other comedians have you shared the stage with?

Quite a number actually. Arole, Asiri, Akpororo, Kenny Blaq, Laf Up, Gbenga Adeyinka GCON, Woli Agba, Rapin Dady, Dr Fricks, Remote and few others.

Q12: Where do you see yourself in the coming years as an entertainer?

I see myself way better than I am right now, fulfilling purpose and impacting life God’s grace.

Q13: What advice do you have for aspiring comedians/MC around the world?

Aside from God playing his role as God, personal development, consistency, good promotion and a large network is the key to progress. A gift is a waste if it does not get reinforcement from these 4 elements, it’s painstaking but it’s definitely worth it.

Q14: Will you like to share anything with your fans, and our audience?

Their support has been something that has kept me going and I’d never take for granted ever. To everyone who loves and supports the Bigjohny brand, thank you so much, I love you endlessly and keep on supporting us as we would not stop working hard to give you the very best.

Q15: How can people contact you?

 IG: @bigjohnydatalkative, Twitter @bigjohnydatalk1 YouTube: Ojiebun John

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