Meet Bigmoutht and let your Ribs Crack from Laughter.

It’s been said, laughter is the best medicine. In a world filled with several complications and everyone busy with something, we do not get much of it. Yet, we know of several comedians that can make us laugh our heads off, and in those moments we become alive.

One of such comedian is Bigmoutht. He may be new in the comedy world, but he sure knows how to bring out laughter in people. We decided to interview him to understand why he has so much passion for what he does. Below is an excerpt from the interview:


Q1: Hi, can you please introduce yourself?

Ans: My name is James Odigie from Edo state, Benin city Nigeria, and I am a comedian.

Q2: How long have you been into comedy?

Ans: Give or take, I have been in the comedy world for almost 2 years now.

Q3: What drew you into comedy?

Ans: Many people told me that I am funny when I talk to them, they laugh. Comedy comes to me naturally. So I thought to myself, I need to build on it and that drew me to comedy full-time.

Q4: Do you have a brand of your own?

Ans: Yes I do. My brand is Bigmoutht.

Q5: What programs have you performed in, and do you have events of your own?

Ans: I’ve performed in a few comedy programs in Benin City. I perform at the Jokker club music and comedy every Thursday. I also have a comedy program of myself, “A night with laughter”. which I host yearly in Benin.

Q6: Do your services include hosting events as a Master of Ceremony (MC)?

Ans: Yes. Apart from stand-up comedy, I also anchor events and “emcee”.

Q7: Can you say you find comedy as a fulfilling career?

Ans: Comedy to me is everything. It is a joy for me when I see people laughing and happy. Comedy is a part of me, it is all me.

Q8: What are your plans when it comes to comedy, that is, where do you see yourself in the comedy world, now and in the future?

Ans: Becoming a king of comedy. I want to wake up every morning and see that I am the only bigmoutht in the globe. I want to see people happy hearing my jokes, and always wanting more.

Q9: What advice do you have for other comedians and aspiring comedians around the world?

Ans: Many people think being a comedian is as easy as pie. Yes, it is if you have a passion for it. There will be some few bumps along the road but my advice to all comedians and aspiring comedians is to not give up. Never stop putting smiles on peoples faces.

Q10: Is there anything you would like to share with your fans, and our audience around the world?

Ans: I always improve myself. So, everyone should expect more from me. I’m currently rebranding my style from World Chanor to Bigmoutht, and it going to be way funnier.

Q11: How can people reach you and contact you?

Ans: You can follow me on Instagram, my handle is bigmoutht_official1. If you want to contact me, you can do so via email [email protected]

To see some of Bigmoutht’s work or chat with him, you can message him on WhatsApp.

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