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We are hiring!

We are hiring freelance content writers and client acquisition officers into our team. If you think you have what it takes to develop unique and quality content, why not apply with us today.

Additionally, if you are good with getting clients that need contents, you can become one of our CAO and earn passively with less effort.

Note: To become an academic writer at Hustle Writers, you must possess a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent educational certificate, and have at least one-year experience as a content writer.

What will you do?

Content Writer:

As a writer at Hustle Writers, you will be required to develop content based on available tasks on the task board. You can choose as many tasks as you can complete within the expected submission date. Being a writer with us means that you get to work any time you want.

Client Acquisition Officers:

The role of CAOs is to bring in clients. Whenever a CAO brings in a client, they earn 10% of the overall client charges. CAOs must make a cumulative #2500 before they can withdraw their payments.

How are you paid?

We make payments on the last working day of each month. Writers and CAOs will need to provide their banking details in their respective profiles before they can get paid.

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